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Please help me / arduino Answered

I know this is a stupid request, but can someone please code for me the movements of the robot? I will attach a video on how I want it to move. I will only use motors sg90, jumpers, and arduino but I need the arduino code.

So I want 4 things to move, you can see all of them in the video. I will then connect it to my computer and use my keyboard for movements. You are free to put any keys you want to control it. Please help asap.

This project is for tomorrow for my school. That's why I don't have the time to learn arduino myself right now, if someone could PLEASE help me


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3 years ago

How long have you had this assignment that you have waited until the night before to ask the internet to do it for you?

As a teacher myself, a few thoughts:

1) I recommend next time starting earlier, and you won't be panicking the night before the assignment is due.

2A) If the assignment is to learn Arduino, then it does nobody any favors for us to do it for you. In this case, no one is learning anything.

2B) If the assignment is not to learn Arduino, but this is something self-directed you have chosen to do on your own, you have then learned a valuable lesson about determining scope and difficulty before choosing to do something you don't know how to do.

3) We can't actually help you with any of the information that you have provided. You will get a lot more help if you were to post picture of what you actually built, and TRIED to first write the code yourself.

To be entirely honest, no one in these forums are going to write code for you, but someone might help you try to fix code you have started.

That said, based on the information that you have provided, we don't actually have enough information to write any meaningful code at all. For instance, what pins are your motors connected to? Are there any sensors? What type of Arduino are you using? These are all things someone would need to know before they wrote code.

4) The reason people get grumpy when you ask them to write code for you (aside from the fact you are clearly asking us to help you cheat) is that people who write code for a living earn a lot of money. There are few people generous enough that they want to write code specifically for you for free.

5) Ask your teacher for help earlier on in the process! Teachers want to see you succeed and if you ask them for help, they will likely help you or point you in a direction where you can get tutoring.

6) Turn in what you have. Explain what did and did not work and why.