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Please help me fix this storage problem on my android 4.4.2 phone? Answered

Hi, I bought a new (cheap) "AKAI Dragon" android "kit kat" phone, and when I tried downloading more then a few apps, it said that there isn't enough storage on my internal memory. SO, I went to settings -> storage, and selected "phone storage" as the default write disk, and rebooted.

Except that didn't work! "Phone storage" was still selected, but nonetheless when I tried downloading apps, the same problem appeared, with a window telling me to either uninstall existing apps, or to go to storage settings.

Now, I did/checked everything I could think of for 3 days: as I said, I changed the default write disk, I tried moving existing apps to phone storage myself, but the button was not "active", I even rooted my phone and got rid of all the social apps I didn't want, but no matter what, when I try to install an app rom the play store, I'm met with the same message sending me to storage settings.

Every time when I check storage settings, "phone storage" is selected as default write disk, but when I go to app settings, I discover that all of the apps are installed on "Internal storage" with no possibility to move them...
(note that I rebooted my device multiple times while changing settings)

What is worrying to me is that you cannot even choose "Internal Storage" as a write disk; there is only phone storage and SD card.

So, does anyone have an Idea as to how I can start downloading apps to my almost empty 1.5 GB phon storage???
Or is this just a major bug?

PS. please note that I'm not unfamiliar with Android phones; this is my third AKAI phone, just a bit upgraded.
Also, sorry for the length of the question.


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4 years ago

Thanks guys, but I guess it's just a programming fault in the phone...

I've cleared all caches multiple times, and I've tried moving apps to no avail, so I'll be returning the phone today : (

Thx anyway : )


Best Answer 4 years ago

That is a very common problem on cheap and low end phones.
Every program you install needs up to three different storage areas.
The smallest of this portion is usually what you might see on the internal storage in a coresponding folder.
Next bigger block is for program itself and does where all things for apps end up.
Biggest culprit however is the area for the program data. in your case mostly the program data.
Your problem is not that there is not enough "storage" space available, in fact I assume you have a few GB of free space and it makes no sense to you.
Thing is like this:
Your internal memory is partitioned into several sections, one of them is the internal memory you have available to put stuff on.
Another is the area reserved for the Andriod OS itself and where additional program data is stored - this area is what is limited too much and gives you the troubles.

You can get several programs that will allow you to move aps from your internal memory to external or SD but in most cases this does not included the protected and resevered areas so despite moving a lot of mb the next program might still complain about the lack of space to and refuse to install.


4 years ago

According to Google, clear the app cache.