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Please help me to make my own audio jack for a sony dcr-sr80e camcoder!!!!! Answered

best wishes to all,
I have a sony dcr-sr80e camcoder. I want to record music videos which I want to record music directly from the mixer. but there I just find the stereo microphone embedded.
is it possible I installed a 3.5 mm audio jack to record music directly from the mixer and an output jack for headphones to listen to the recordings directly through the camcoder?
I would be very grateful if anyone can help me realize my dreams. ...
for your kindness, I thanked profusely.


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7 years ago

If the camcorder has a speaker, you could wire in an output socket instead.
You could do the same with the microphone, simply wire in a socket instead of the microphone.


It will be ugly, cuts in the case, things glued on the outside.
It will be noisy, with soldered joints playing havoc with the signal
It will be a tight squeeze - are your soldering skills up to doing surface-mount work inside a matchbox?
You will need an input that matches the input of the existing microphone, or you risk burning out circuits, or just not having enough sound on your tracks.
You might kill your camcorder.

In other words, you may be better off buying a new camcorder...