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Please help me with my battery speaker! Answered

I just want to turn it to the adapter model so that i don't need to insert any batter.
It need three 1.5V battery.
I very noob with electricals. So someone can help me as details as you can.
Thanks you very much


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10 years ago

You need to find or buy a 4.5 volt DC power adapter.

Connect the pos. wire to the spring or terminal where the last positive pole connected.

Connect the neg. wire to the spring where the first negative terminal connects.


There is a very small chance that the amp runs on 3 volts and the other 1.5 ran memory or something like that.

Fill the battery compartment with batteries.  Put the pos lead of a voltmeter on the pos of the battery stack and the neg lead on the neg of the battery stack.  If you get 4.5 volts then that's how you connect your wall wart.  After you take out the batteries.


Answer 10 years ago

What you mean is I must connect 1+ to 3+ and 3- to 1- or sth and what about position 2 ???? Thx you.