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Please help with downloading ebooks! Answered

OK, I'm having a hard time downloading an ebook. I click the button and have to click the skinny yellow line under the box with the table of contents. I save it, and the folder is zipped but the sub folders are just confusing. Thanks!



7 years ago

This is a known bug. It looks like the download buttons are partially obscured, it is a bug with certain browsers . There are actually two buttons one is to download a pdf the other for epub formats. I think it works in Chrome and IE.

Which ebook are you wanting to download you can try a direct link ie.) https://www.instructables.com/pdf/DIY-CNC-1/DIY-CNC-1.pdf
or https://www.instructables.com/epub/Fun-With-Yarn/Fun-With-Yarn.epub
Just change the book name.