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Please reply back about the pc problem that I have. I have the info that you needed. Answered

I have the one that when I plug it in it powers up all on its own and will not send anything to the monitor. I did hook it up to another monitor and it did the same thing. The fan on the power supply and the one on the motherboard runs from the time I plug it in. It is not sending anything to the monitor. It is a Gateway Windows XP 02 model The model # is MFATXSTL KTH 300SE Serial # is 0026719817 The only other desktop I have is a windows 98 and it is a 2000 model. Model # Micro ATX FMN Essential 435C I am not sure about the 5 in the 435. The last # is half gone so I cannot trust that #. Serial # 0017666320 I do have this new Laptop that I am using now and is there a way to take the hardrive out of the desk top and hook it up somehow to this laptop and get the info that way? Can I take the harddrive out of the XP and put it in the 98 and get all the info off of it with no disk to use. If it is the video card does it mater what the video card came out of ? I have a lot of extra parts from some IBM's I have a lot of CPU's, Fans and RAM's and many other parts from IBM's but can I use those in any other brands of PC's. If you need any other info please feel free to just let me know. Oh yea can a PC run without a video card? Can I take it out and see if it will boot up then. Does anyone know of any books or free web sites that have the best info such as the best top 10 or 20 run down tips to check or do on a PC with a problem that would be accepted by you pro's that is true info and not a scam? I need the best info possible for a novice as cheap as possible. I want to learn as much as I can but I cannot afford to go out and buy a bunch of books or web sites. I am sorry for all the questions as I am disabled and going nuts just trying to find something to do with my hands as I am no longer able to work. Thank you very much


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