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Plexi-Project Help Answered

Hello everyone, I've been looking at LED projects and devising my own for quite some time now. What i finally decided on was a Plexi glass tube containing a bonsai tree, with an LED array above to give it light. My plan for the LED array is squared away. and i have selected my tube (diameter of 8in). My hold up is the base and the roof of the tube. I want a fairly heavy material which can be machined to yield a snug fit. Does anyone one have any suggestions for the material or a possible source? if at all possible i would like this component to be less than 30$.



7 years ago

A block of hardwood?

Several layers of plywood or MDF glued together?

Several layers of plexiglass / acrylic etc?

You could try one of the aluminium smelting projects to cast a block to your desired size?


Reply 7 years ago

Didn't think of Layering sheets... Thanks for the advice.