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Plz Advise Me, it's urgent :( Answered

Hello, there. We had to play a song or two for our school music festival. We play cover of songs(only instrumental).
e.g, for My heart will go on, we play half rock and half classic.
We wanna play songs in that version.

Now, i've chose
-21 guns,
-Apologize by Timbaland,
-Numb by Linkin Park,
-I'm Yous by Jason Mraz

Which song will be the best for us (suit with our instruments)

Plz tell me if there's any matched song with our instruments??
There are 2 guitars, one pipe flute, one violin and one keyboard player.

Thank U xoo xoooo Much ^^


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9 years ago

what instruments? concert band? orchestra? marching band, tell me, cause i think i have the right info.