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Polarity on speakers? Answered

I have about a dozen little 4-8 ohm speakers out of toys and alarm clocks. I noticed that while most of them have no markings, one of them has a little plus and minus polarity markers on it. Does polarity matter on cheap speakers, and if so, why?


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Best Answer 8 years ago

It's called phasing the speakers.
Obviously the speaker will push the cone in one polarity and
pull on the cone on the other. With more then one speaker,
you want to have them work air together. 
Our friend thegeek details how, better then I would.



Answer 8 years ago

HaHa... I was just going to post that link! (I havn't been on the site in awhile... I had a big production last week!) ;)

Thanks for the recommendation!


8 years ago

Can you hear the difference when you hook it up? Your answer to my question is your answer to your question. Not likely with cheap ones.
I would put them on a crossover & raise the volume gradually till it started to distort & then do it again on the other polarity. Also I mean the crossover to listen for performance of highs/lows test twice on 1 amp with the HPF once & then with the LPF.

Course you can always just touch the wires to a known polarity battery like a tripleA & watch the cone. out is generally correct & in is generally hooked up backwards.

Make sure You DONT USE a high amp battery only use a tiny small power source or you can ruin your speaker. Might be fun to plug it into the wall & listen to a durrttyy 60hz till it smokes.