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Polaroid model 80A, what can i do? Answered

OK, so I've had this Polaroid Model 80A for a long time now, and i don't exactly know how it works. I thought the film type was discontinued, so wasn't any use to me. But I'm really wanting to get into medium format now and my curiosity is demanding some answers about this camera! So...
-What film does/did it use?
-Does fujifilm make it? 
-Can i use a different kind a film if I convert it some how?
-Is there anything else I should know about this camera?
Thanks guys! I really appreciate any info you have to give!


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8 years ago

It takes long discontinued film. If you find any, it is most certainly bad. Youcan easily convert it to 120 film or Fuji packfilm. Exposure is difficult since it uses EV numbers that set both aperture and shutter speed. You can use it easily with a small conversion cart taped to the back.