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Polishing large stones Answered

I am looking for some advice on polishing large stones. I am from New Jersey, and there is a plentiful supply of bog iron. I can't dig a hole in the ground in my yard deeper than 8 inches without coming across some of it. Some stones are small but most wiegh about 20 to 30 lbs. I have several that are at least 150 lbs. I have tried to use them in as many ways as I can think of to decorate my yard. But bog iron is not always an attractive stone. I have seen some small polished samples on the internet and I like the way they turned out. I would like to try and polish some of my larger stones. I could do it by hand but it might take months or even years. I'm not sure what a sandblaster would do to it, but I don't own one and am not looking to buy one. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for a faster way to polish a large stone. Thanks in advance.



12 years ago

Depends on what you want the finished product to look like I guess. If you want to just polish one face, I would use a disk sander or grinder to flatten it, then work to finner and finner grits until it shines.

If you want to polish whole stones, I would get or make(!) a rock tumbler. This site has some good info:

Possibly make a tumbler out of a garbage can or something?