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Poor sound on a LOGIK TV? Answered

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to resolve poor sound quality on a Logik tv.
I understand that all their models have the same problem .
If you could do an Instructable on it, It would be great.

Thank you in advance


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4 years ago

If you buy a dirt cheap TV you can't expect HiFi sound from it.
Most people use a surround system for the sound even on good TV's as the sound from a flat screen is usually never satisfying.


Answer 4 years ago

I actually did'nt buy, it was a present. However, rather than stating the obvious, I was hoping to get some clever instruction , by way of upgrading the sound , in relation to surround sound, it's really a gimmick at the moment, as to avail of true surround sound, the recordings would have to be done in surround, this is done by having plenty of pickups placed at intervals .

I know a lot of people have the same problem as I have, So it would help more than myself. Maybe Instructables is the wrong place to look for the answer?. I thought it was though.

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