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Pop Book with lighted popup Answered

My daughter has a project for her 8th grade Chemistry class that involves preparing a picture book on an element that is designed for younger elementary school students.  Her element is NEON. 

She'd like to make a popup book, with the title page having a popup of the word NEON that will light up... we were thinking maybe making individual letters for the word NEON, and having them popup -- and perhaps having a light source behind the letters with cutouts in the letters themselves to allow the light to show through...

Any ideas on how to accomplish this (easily)?  She will be doing the work HERSELF, with only advice from mom, so it needs to be as simple as possible.



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10 years ago

You could try this popup with each of the letters cut out individually as they reveal themselves unfolded side by side.  More ideas if you search childrens books or 3d letters.

Cut the letters out so there is an outline left and fill in the back with cellophane or plastic or see through paper that will be lit from the back with leds.  Working a switch into each letter can be accomplished with a sliding switch when the letter is raised up.  Good luck.