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Popup Ads Answered

I've noticed a popup ad that's been around for awhile now. The ad itself says something along the lines of taking a survey... I just got one on the homepage where the only ads I could spot were craftsman ones, if that helps. Its fairly prevalent, I'm surprised no one else has commented on it.



10 years ago

I have not noticed the ad shown, but I have been annoyed by the Craftsman orbital sander ads. Instructables was my home page until the Craftsman ads were added to the front page. They say you need to rollover the ads to play them, but it seems they play automatically every time I open my browser (Firefox). They slow down my internet heavily (my computer is four years old and full of junk), so that now I have to wait a while for my browser to fully load, before moving onto another web page. I don't look at Instructables every time I open the internet, and when in a rush to quickly check the bus schedule or a task in which time is of the essence, it is annoying to wait for my page to load while my ride to school drives by. I realize ads are how web sites make their money and the more complex the ad the more money Instructables receives but it is a constant nuisance. I would be fine with such ads on pages of actual instructables because I am willing to wait for a page to load if I have an interest in viewing it, but please keep them off the front page. Sorry for the rant. - RATM


Reply 10 years ago

I know they suck, but Instructables knows they exist. Instructables has stated before that they do not support popup ads, and that if there are any then its a problem.