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Portable Presurized Water Tank out of ABS Pipe? Answered

I'm trying to make a portable presureized water system for offgrid use.  My idea uses 5 feet of 4" Abs pipe with a cap on one end and a threaded clean out to fill the tank. The capped end would have a valve at the bottom to allow a garden hose or etc to be attached, and a small valve stem( tire valve ) to pressurize the tank via bicycle pump.

Is it a feasible idea? Would the water be drinkable? Will Abs stand up to constant presure or would it be best to release the presure when not in use? Im thinking 35-40psi would be reasonable with the tank 2/3rds full of water.


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9 years ago

As long as you clean it out regularly, the water you get out will be as clean as the water you put in.

I *think* the pipe will withstand the pressure, but it would be best to de-pressurise in storage, just in case of accidental damage or release (imagine a falling step-ladder knocking off a valve, or a small child getting into your shed and pulling the trigger).