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Portable battery pack using smart Blackberry D-X1 batteries Answered

Firstly: Big admirer of your collective works. Secondly: My electronics/electrical knowledge is practically non existant. (my ideas are great IMHO, execution blows FACT)

I have been given half a dozen D-X1 Blackberry batteries. They run at 3.7v. I thought of daisy chaining them to make a large, rechargeable pack charged by USB B mini, then connecting a USB A port to them and using it as a portable (And relatively flexible) power source for my USB powered gadgets. They charge well, and hold a decent quantity of power if the Blackberry is anything to go by, they were free (yay!) and I have a bunch of them. I'd like to make them into a device that attaches to my rucksack strap. The latter is a detail, the real issue is how to make 4 or 6 D-X1 batteries into a rechargeable pack. Any ideas for the electronically subnormal?


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8 years ago

You had better look into how to recharge and discharge and not overcharge Lithium-ion polymer cell battery packs. There is a danger of improper use causing overheating or fire. The process has to be electronically controlled and monitored.