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Portable change table Answered

We are running in partnership with other agencies and the City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation an accessible swim program for people with physical disabilities. Many of our participants require that they change in a lying down position and thus require a "change table". At this point we are looking at two locations that require this. Challenges include storage as storage space is of high premium at the pools. It would have to be at a height that would be comfortable for the support staff. It should be wide enough to be able to turn a person on their side safely. Sturdy enough to be able to handle up to 350lbs safely. Should be folding (for storage), and have wheels that lock so it can be moved easily. We assume wood is the best material for this (or easiest to work with), but we are open to suggestions. It should also be long enough. We have not come with specific numbers (how many inches/cm wide or high e.g.). For this some of us involved in this program need to discuss the details. However, you may have some questions too, so if you let us know we can provide answers to your questions. A few years we purchased a portable massage table. However, it is not wide enough to accommodate some of our participants with being turned safely.

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8 years ago

Well I'd suggest that if the massage table would work if it were only wider, then make it wider. Remove the padded top and add a metal frame to the width you need. Then reupholster a new padded top to match. Would probably be cheaper than getting something new.

Also a thought just hit me. You could look into the food service industry for stainless steel tables and get some wheels put on the legs. You would still want some type of cover on it, would be cold laying on straight steel.


8 years ago

The table should be 36” high, 36'' wide and 6’6” long.  It should be able to hold 400lb +/-. (however if this is difficult 350 lbs is ok).

The current idea is to use two 36”x36” foldable tables that are hinged together (72”x36”). The estimated weight capacity of each table is 150-200lbs and combining 2 tables should enable the 350-400lb weight requirement. Wheels can be added to the bottom as long as it maintains the weight capacity of the tables.

I think that each of your 36"x36" tables need to have the 350-400 weight capacity requirement because the user will likely sit on one table before lying down and distributing their weight on both tables

I did a quick search and found this item from McMaster-Carr:

Mobile Adjustable-Height Table W/Folding Legs 96" Width X 36" Depth X 23" to 30" Height
Four swivel casters (two with brake) with 3" dia. hard-rubber wheels.
750lb weight capacity
$385 (USD)

This is a little shorter than they want (30" vs 36") and a little longer (96" vs 78")

It is not clear to me if the client requires that the legs fold, or if the table top must fold as well. If folding the table top can be avoided it simplifies the application, and makes the table safer to use.

If a folding table top is required there is a folding lunch table (6125T12) from McMaster which is an interesting concept since the table can be rolled on it's wheels once folded.