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Portable hydropower Answered

Hi! I am in a senior in high school and am required to do a project as a part of my stem class. I am planning to make a portable hydropower power bank that someone could use when they're camping to charge their mobile devices. The problem is I don't know how to go about actually doing this. I was planning on making a small stator and rotor for my generator but after further research I found out that I could use a motor and a diode instead. Any help on which would be better would be greatly appreciated. I also am confused on what type of battery to use(it will be inside my device and will be the power bank for charging devices). I was planning on using a 5000 mAh, 5V lithium polymer battery, but am not sure where to buy one(If u just search 5000mah 5v battery, the responses come up with 3.7V.  I will also need at least 2 usb charging circuits. Honesty any guidance in what I should would be helpful. Thanks!

If your looking for examples of this I would look up the blue-freedom portable hydropower.



3 years ago

If you find a 5v charger for your car's cigarrete lighter, it will work for 12 v in, or 18 v in, or 7 v in. So if you don't find the exact right battery, you can adapt it.

As for the initial generator, Seeing what's available is often helpful in prototyping. As for what is the best -scratchbuilt, or motor, I as a teacher would be impressed if you tried both and compared efficiency.

Options for cheap motors: thrift store cordless drills, junkyard car window motors.


3 years ago

It is a school project so it is you who has to do the research and work.
If you check Google with the right search terms you find plenty of examples that can be used more or less directly for your project.
So please start there and if you have SPECIFIC questions later we might give some advise.