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Portal 2 Wheatly vs. GLADoS MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT Answered

Hello this is Flapper501 asking a question


Who is  The Evil Boss in Portal 2 , GLADoS or Wheatly

Is GLADoS evil in the beginning when she makes Chell test, or is Wheatly evil when he abuses power.  Or is Chell evil for putting Wheatly in charge??????????

Please Answer 


the potato

7 years ago

ok so this is ganna be LONG ok so first you start off in your room wich is under ground and being handled by abunch of machines so wheatly checks on her after a LONG time so something was wrong and he crashes you through the wall do get you out(he threw the room through the wall)so he says get the portal gun and go to the end of the chamber so after some easy tests(like 3 tests)they find glados(dead)and wheatly accidently activates her so glados took chell and after alot of tests you escape to the old underground testing lab made by the dead owner cave johnsonso you test the stuff and you escape again and sabotage glados so wheatly and glados change bodys so wheatly made glados a potato and he makes you test his tests and then you kill him by putting corrupted persanalyty cores on him he dies hes still alive so chell shoots the moon and chell and wheatly get sucked in so glados switches back quickly so glados saved chell and left wheatly in space so glados discovered that she was an ai(artificial intelligence)which was of a real person named cheryl so glados dleted the ai and went back to hating chell but let her go so then comes the ending credits BUT at the end you are finaly at land glados sent THE companion cube(burning and mostly black) the end