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Porter Cable 146B Circ Saw-Blade Replacement Answered

Hi there,

New to this site but hopeful for some results....

I inherited a Porter Cable 146B circular saw from the wife’s uncle before he passed away. This is a 6-3/4” saw and is for cabinet work and fine cuts. It is truly a fantastic power tool although it’s very old. Unfortunately, the blade on this guy is pretty dull and needs to be replaced. I have exhausted the internet (including Porter Cable on line Support) and I have tried all my tricks to get the old (Craftsman) blade off but the shaft just keeps spinning when I turn the spindle nut.

So, wondering if anyone has an owners manual or knows if there is a blade lock on this saw AND if so, where is it located. I would greatly appreciate any help on this. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Gary Culicerto

Fenton, Michigan



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12 months ago

On that saw, isn't it the two holes in the guard where it says Porter Cable? You put a screw driver there to jam the blade.


12 months ago

Try this old trick:
Take the saw to a nice tyre shop.
Ask the guy there nicely to check if his rattle gun can take the nut of ;)

In most cases these stuck nuts only need an initial bump to loosen up.
Soaking it for a few days in good oil will also help a bit.

My own last resort trick for such problems and a missing locking mechanism:
Mix up some really quick setting 2k glue - preferably if you have not tried any oil yet.
If you tried oil already please clean it all with good amounts of acetone.
Turn the thing so the nut faces down.
Use whatever fits to get the glue onto the blade AND the spindle.
It does help to do this in two or three rounds with only small amounts of glue.
You want the first one to just cover the touching areas and smear the glue a bit up the spindle and onto the blade.
Before it fully cures apply another layer of fresh glue to build it up.
You want to end up with a filled area of at least 1cm on the spindle and at least 3cm on the blade.
Let fully set and then wait a day longer to be safe.
Clamp the blade and undo the nut - the glue should hold the sindle locked on the blade.
If it worked you can then use a heat gun or blow torch on a soft flame to heat the blade.
At around 140°C most 2K glues will get quite soft and can be ripped apart.
Same for the remains once the blade is off.
Either warm it up and peel off or cover in crushed ise and break off once fully frozen.
Whatever is left should be easy removed with sand paper - if in doub fire the saw up without a blade to avoid the hours of manual labour ;)