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Position lock free stop seam type hinges Answered

I am working on mechanical hinges. It's a case design for mobile along with hinge.i need some input regarding position lock seam hinges like the one shown in attached images/i am designing this case for ipad/tab.How exactly these hinges works ? and i need internal 3d model of these hinges? how exactly it look from inside? and what is prefered manufacturing method for making these type of objects ?


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1 year ago

Seems lately everyone is sharing problem I have ;)
In my case not so tiny though...
These hinges are quite complex and simple at the same time.
It is more about material and tight tolerances than know how.

The designs I examined used notches and grooves in the plastic of the hinge.
Instead of being fully round one side was slightly oval in shape.
This oval shape allowed for two "locked" positions.
Material used is often HDPE, sometimes just ABS though.
Slightly bigge and the hinges often use flexible "flaps" that push into little grooves on the hinge to hold it in a fixed position.
If size is no problem you can also incorporate steel balss on a spring, like in the screw bit holders, just with less pressure and a supporting dint in the hinge at the right spot.