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Possible to combine a 50cc scooter w/ a 250 watt dc electric scooter motor to add "boost" after gas engine tops out? Answered

Other than mounting the motor with a hub and adding in extra chain, how would you calculate the right gearing ratio to provide power at top RPM?   Also could the dc motor be used as an "alternator" to provide hybrid like recharging of the batteries from the gas engine? 

Looking for anyone who may have insight on this.   The motive here is to be able to keep up in uphill traffic without having a line of angry cars behind you.  


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6 years ago

Usually with hybrid vehicles its the exact opposite. You use the electric motor to get started, and then use the gas engine as a boost once the electric motor tops out.

2 things-
1-250 watts is not nearly enough power.
2-a hub motor is the worst motor choice you could make.
also you're gonna have to give some more info. i might be able to help you on this one, as i am currently building my second electric bike myself. so if you could tell me what you're top speed currently is, what the drive system is like on your scooter, rpm's of both motors and add as many pictures of all your'e parts as possible. also, what sort of tools do you have accsess to? like a lathe, mill, welder, surface grinder, etc.


10 years ago

Get a bigger scooter. What you're proposing is going to take a bunch of money/time/research/luck.