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Posting Limit Answered

Wondering if there is a posting limit for Pro members. I know in the past if we tried to upload more than 3 instructables on any given day (with our non-pro account) we got an email telling us we couldn't.




10 years ago

Did we? Ah - I think that dates back to the occasional spam-members who used to join and then post loads of their Metacafe videos that they paid if you watch.

Lateral Thinker

10 years ago

Does it matter?

Doing 3 per day long term only gets quantity, but NO quality.

If you got a backlog, then at 3 a day, it wont be long until you caught up. 7 days x 3 = 21.

It worries me, elsewhere on another site, a member wanting to post and upload heaps might be setting out to spam, but I dont think so in this case.

Just start uploading, you will find that if there is a limit of 3, you will get another email but not the boot, but in any case, you will be clearing your backlog at 3 per day.