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Posting bug - again.... Answered

It seems the code monkeys worked on the problem of being unable to post when the server is busy at certain times.
I no longer get the "Backend error" message :)
Instead I now see nothing happening for quite a while, then just a popup stating "error".
Try again a few minutes later and I get the good old backend error.
This switches nicely back and forth.

Being unable to post at certain times is one thing but getting utterly useless error messages for it is another story.
And no, I am not in the mood to consider daylight saving times, timezones and so on to guess when I should better not click on the post button.
Would it be too muchto ask after so many months of this problem existing that something is being done about it?
If you can make postingspossible 24/7 than at least provide a meaningful error message that also states how much longer a user has to wait before he can post.
It is an annoying error and one that is not necessary at all....

It seems this bug now messes with new postings as well.
I only got a blank page when trying to click the "Preview topic" button and not even any error message at all.
How about a free Instructables alarm clock for the pro members that shows the times of sheduled server works? ;)



5 years ago

I have no problem with the website could it be a problem with your Internet?


Reply 5 years ago

No, not my internet, just the times servers are too busy for this website.
If I try to post between 5 and 6PM EAST than all I get is "Backend write error".
That is for a reply.
For a new posting during these times all I get is a blank page and in most cases the content of the posting is lost by the time the server sorted itself out.
So far I am comensating by copying the text into a normal editor before hitting the comment button here.

I know server works are necessary to keep the site working but making postings impossible during these times is just lame.
It would be acceptable for a few minutes and if there is a meanful error message explaining it but not for up to two hours every day.
I also realise that the site is US based and you do the work when most of the US is sleeping - sadly that is not true for the rest of the world!
Since I started on Instructables some bougs are reported again and again (not just by me) but there is little to no progress on fixing them....


5 years ago

Ok, no comments means I imagine the right comment on this one ;)