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Potential Instructable - Automatic Security Cam for your Macbook Answered

I saw this on the Make blog and thought it would make a good Instructable. Anyone up for the challenge? It seems like most of the information is there in the comments:


"This came out a few months ago, but I just found this on Flickr while researching the upcoming weekend project. It's a way of automating your isight to take a picture 60 seconds after you, or anyone, open it up. Flickr member omegastation set this up before sending off his macbook for fixing. In a worst case scenario, if someone stole your macbook, you could have your macbook send you pictures of them.

I set this up and I made this little automator program that takes and sends the pictures, but I don't have a lot of experience programming from a terminal and I got hung up on step 5. If someone could make a little screencast of how to set this up, that would be awesome. This seems like it would be a simple first programming project!

Update: Check the comments for super explicit instructions... with these instructions, anyone can program this now! Thanks Omegastation! "


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14 years ago

I was milling through the Macbook topics and I ran across your idea here. This could be very easily done with a program called KeycamX which has just recently added a nice security cam feature that has something called "Motion Alarms". I have only dabbled with this feature but I think what you can do with it is set it up so when you are away from the computer it will detect motion based on a sensitivity scale. So lets say an unwanted person comes up to your computer and tries to snatch it while your not there it will take a picture of them and email it to a designated email address. This is kind of along the lines of what your talking about, but probably a little more basic so I though I would share!