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Power RGB LED help! Answered

I wonder if anyone could advise me as a newbie (blush)!

I have just bought a self contained RGB controller with PWM'd outputs:


What I want is to use this for the lighting in a vehicle (12 - 14.6V). The LEDs I have looked at and bought one for testing are:


Now - the vehicle has a removable rear cabin leaving only the front cabin LEDs connected at times. I will need say 6 - 7 LEDs for the rear cabin and 2 - 4 for the front cabin depending on eventual light output.

Should I drive these LEDs with constant current drivers for each colour? Will they work with the PWM output of the controller?

I understand switched regulator type circuits won't work with the PWM output?

I guess I would need several contant current regulators to power the array but am struggling on how many and how best to connect them?!?

Thanks in advance!