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Power a Raspberry Pi and an audio amp on the same circuit? Answered

Hello. I want to use a 3A 12V power supply to power a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a 12v/50W audio amp. I think what I should do is a) split the power from the supply, b) connect the amp directly to the 12V and c) on the other leg, pass the source through a step-down buck converter. I have two questions:

1. Is this feasible?

2. I also want to pass the 12V through a relay that will be controlled by the Pi. Will this mean that all 3A will go to the Pi when the relay is open and the amp is off? Is that bad?



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2 years ago

50W devided by 12V equals 4.17A, meaning your powersupply is already a bit low on power for the amp alone.
Any device will only consume as much power as it needs, a PI will be still fine with 100A power supply...