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Power a USB hard drive without powered USb port? Answered

Hi guys, as the title suggests, i'm looking for some help powering my USB hard drive without a powered port. 

I have a Raspberry pi that I'm using as a home server and a 250gb laptop hard drive in an enclosure. I tried disconnecting the data wires on a USB cord and using a split USB cable that came with the enclosure with no success. From what I understand, the cable is specifically for ports that only output 3v @ 500mA. Does anyone have experience with this? any ideas or guidance?


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7 years ago

The ground from the power source and the ground from the Pi need to be connected. So splice into a USB cable. Cut the red wire and tie it into the power source. Don't cut the black wire just strip it a bit and connect the ground of the power source. Then you'll power the drive and provide the needed common ground.