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Power bank Answered

hello everyone I recently found a 12v 9a.h battery in my stuff and now i decided to make a portable power bank with it.

this is what i am thinking about:

i want to make a portable power bank with several voltage outputs for using in car and etc.

1- I want to get a 5v output and use it to charge my devices when I am in a car.

2- i want to connect some power led lights so that i have a light bar.

3-maybe I also connect an amplifier to it to play music when walking or etc.

now that you understood what i want to make these are my problems:

1-when the battery slowly drains and the input voltage decreases will the output of the charger module also decrease?

2-different devices need different currents for charging for example my tablet needs 2amps while my phone needs 1 amp. do i need to set the output current to any special value?

3-what kind of solar panel will be suitable to charge the battery?


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1 year ago

1 Depends on the charger.
2 Get a standard cheap car socket>USB charger and solder it straight to the battery.