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Power genration by Foot steps Answered

The main purpose of this Project is that to design a system that convert the mechanical energy
harvested from human motion into electrical energy.This project report contains the complete
literature review and implementation of an alternative to electrical power supplied by batteries
for portable electronic devices and for computerized and motorized prosthetics. The report
presents the idea to generate power harvesting from human motion. Electrical devices have
been liberated from the wall socket. Battery powered computers, phones and music devices
come along everywhere we go. The limiting factor is electricity. In the end the battery always
goes dead. Ironically, when we move around with our portable devices we produce a lot of
energy. But a lot of this energy is lost as heat. If that mechanical energy could be converted into
electricity, our very mobility could charge our mobile devices. Using the working principal of
dynamo, we intend to generate a small power which then can be used to charge the portable
devices. We are charging mobile battery for testing purpose.


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4 years ago

You've done a great job. The article is really breathtaking.


6 years ago

Us Army Made the strap on Gear Which is Generating From the Knee if You
Acknowledged it Wouldn't. be As Human Friendly As this
those Strap Flexibility Is At some Extend
but If Official Work is Done on this one it can be more better like strap on for knee
About the Measurement I can Charge Any protable E Device
iphone to Cell Phones i put the Limit In this to Avoid sparks
thanks For your Concern


7 years ago

Interesting but as far as I can see you make no comments about the effect of energy harvesting from your subjects. The US army has discovered that it is actually very difficult to extract useful energy for charging etc, because it fatigues the wearer too much.

Did you make any measurements of the effects on your users ?