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Power phone on the battery with usb power? Answered


I plan to make my old phone as a wifi booster.

The only problem is that the USB "hole"/socket is borken.

So I came up with a solution:

I added + and - from a usb cable and then placed it on the phones battery.

Should I worry if it touches the middle thing of the battery? I mean that thing between + and - .
I think it won't if I place it carefully in the phone.

I will connect the USB cable from my PC as I don't want to do it with strong power from the power point.

So should I worry with the USB power from the pc  if something goes wrong?.

[b] Should I go with this or not?..[/b]

I hope you understand I wrote this very fast, I can re-write if you don't understand thanks!.


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6 years ago

You can certainly connect the USB's power line to the battery contacts but don't expect the phone to turn on at all. The 3rd pin is for the phone to connect with the charge controller of the battery. Most phones will be looking for a signal on that pin and if they don't get it they will not turn on for safety reasons. Do not try to connect the power wires between the battery and the phone otherwise you'll destroy the battery and the phone once the battery pops.

I think you should take the phone apart and solder the power leads from the USB cable directly to the pins where the USB connector connects to the phone's PCB.


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks a lot I see!.