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Power source for coilgun? Answered

I have built 2 coilguns already using a camera circuit for charging the capacitor bank, but because it is a disposable camera, the quality of the circuit wasnt very good so it stopped working like in a week or so,, so i was wondering if i could build a circuit for charging a capacitor bank (so i wont need to buy any more cameras), but i've already looked in a lot of pages for a schematic but i've got no luck
anyone knows how to build a circuit for this purpose?
i do not have a lot of experience in building circuits, thats why i dont figure it out myself




Best Answer 9 years ago

hey u could prbs build a dc-dc converter serch 500v dc-dc boost coverter on instructables a really good artical will come up take a look at it might help! good luck on ur projects ! :p


9 years ago

If you want detailed circuits look over to the right under where is says "RELATED". There are many charging circuits there.

If you want more then google "coil gun power circuit" or "coil gun charger" or . . . well you get the idea.


9 years ago


Basicly you switch a current through an inductor really fast and when the current switches off, the only way the current can go is through the diode to the capacitor and as the field collapses it makes a high voltage although you can change the voltage by adjusting the duty cycle.
Get a 555 timer or something, configure it as an astable at a nice high frequency and you should be in business.