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Power source for running three 2000rpm gear motors? Answered

So I have built a rover drone (instructable coming up soon) and the major problem is I don't know what power source I should use. It has three 2k rpm gear motors, an Arduino and a raspberry pi.
Would a lipo suffice this? or should I use something else?

Image source: http://imshopping.rediff.com/imgshop/800-1280/shopping/pixs/4463/5/507._6mm-gear-motor-1000-rpm-helical-for-diy-projects-dc-12v-1000rpm.jpg



3 years ago

Not 100% sure as the 12V might be a problem, usually RC motors are 6.4 or 7.2V.
Also the gears will be plastic A assume and won't last long, for the props I would not never use geared motors....


Reply 3 years ago

Quite simple a motor that is rated for the voltage you plan to use, has the right RPM for the job and does not need more power than really necessary.
Would not have a clue what motor suits you as sadly I am still not clairvoyant ;)