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Power supply cooling Answered

I'm building a power supply for my cnc machine that gives off about 37volts at 8 amps, and 12 volts at 0.9 amps. All of the transformers are from radioshack (using 6 heavy duty, 25.2volts, 2 amps transformers, 4 in parallel giving off 25.2 vdc at 8 amps, and 2 12.6 volts in parallel. Together in series gives about 37 volts at 8 amps. using 1 25.2 volts 450mA transformer, center tapped) My case does not have enough room for proper cooling such as fans. My case is water tight though, should I fill it up with something like mineral oil to keep the transformers cool?



11 years ago

. You may not need as much cooling as you think - xformers are pretty tough (after all, they're just a couple of coils of wire and some iron). Nacho's Rule Of Thumb: If you can hold your hand on it for 3 seconds, it's not too hot. . Ie, the mineral oil bath is probably overkill, unless you are pushing the xformers real hard.


Reply 11 years ago

I was thinking that if they are operated for extended periods of time, being they will be sealed in a water tight case, something might need to be done. If, of course, it is not operated for long periods of time, then I agree, it might not be needed.


11 years ago

even in that case, you would need a way to transfer the heat "outside the box" so to speak. Is the case metal ? In which case (no pun intended|), it would get warm itself, and if not, you still have the original problem.