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Power supply fan in spinning in an abnormal way? Answered

I just built a computer that uses about a year old power supply and it one day I heard it spinning. At first I thought that it was one of the system fans or a cpu fan but it turned out that the sound and vibrations all came from the power supply and it worried me. Is there any way I can fix it? it starts spinning up for half a second and five seconds later it spins up for another second, then three seconds later it spins up again. it does this all the time at random intervals. Is this a problem with the power supply (DPS-460DB-1A), motherboard (Gigabyte Z77-DS3H and i3 3240), OS (Mac and Windows do this), bios? please help. thanks


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Best Answer 7 years ago

Some power supplys have thermal sensors that control the RPM of the fans. In others the fans themselve have built in controls and in some there is no control and the fan is always at peak RPM. The motherboard should have nothing to do with the power supply fans.

First thing to do is blow the dust out of the PSU and verify the fans can move freely. Look through the fan and see if any wires are coming into contact with the fan blades.

Make sure the PSU is not getting hot. If it gets to hot to keep your fingers on it then it will likely burn out.

Get a power supply tester (or look up which pins to short out to turn it on) and unplug everything to the board and drives and run it with the tester and see if it does the same thing while not under a load. If it does not run up the fans with no load then the problem is likely that it does not have enough watts for the system and is fighting to keep up with the power drain. When it is not under that heavy load and plugged into the tester it works fine then you likely will need a bigger PSU. If it does run up the fans with no load then something is wrong with the heat sensors and you may need a new PSU.

If you suspect that it is the fan that is going bad you can try replacing that. Opening the PSU will likely void any warranty but if it is more than a year old it may not have one anymore anyway. Many PSU use stock fans and you can try replacing it with any fan as long as it fits.


Answer 7 years ago

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