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Power supply from Ebay Answered

I bought Switching power supply (220v AC>DC 0-48v DC 1000w 0-20Am)for my ZVS Driver, but not working properly, l need full 20Am, but this piece of shit do not given me more than 6.00Am at 50v! And values on the display are arbitrary!? I wrote on the seller for this problem, he wrote to me "When used load equipment The special insert must be taken out " I kill myself from 2 days to find this special insert, can't find it! Someone can tell me where to find this special insert? I post the full imal from the seller, he explains for knowing people, l need someone to explain to me with semple words / Dear friends The supplier replied that if you want to reach 20A, it depends on the actual current of the load. If the load is 6A, the maximum current can only be 6A. The actual current is determined by the load, and the actual current value is displayed. How to limit current: If no current is required when the current is limited, it is necessary to connect a plug to display the current value. The 6th and 7th connection port can be connected to a special plug to limit the current (regulate current). When using load equipment, The special insert must be taken out. When the load equipment is connected, the current value can be adjusted directly in real time. The maximum digital display current value is the maximum current value of the load equipment. Digital display current value will not have continuous real-time synchronous digital display, only the maximum current value of the device will be displayed./



6 weeks ago

Is the current limiter directly switching the Power supply or is it an extra Power Mosfet at the Output of the Power supply.
It look like they have implanted their display and regulate stuff in an existing SMPS