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Powerful Pulse laser using capacitors. Answered

ok, i'm relatively new to electronics, but i've made a few projects and would like to try something more challenging. i've seen KipKays tutorials for making burning lasers and it got me thinking: instead of using a laser that's constantly on, why not charge up a medium bank of capacitors and use them to fire the laser for a micro second. surely this would mean that more power could be outputted while still powering it from a battery. there's probably something i don't undertand that would made this impractical, but i won't know until i ask.

thanks in advance.


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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

9 years ago

While in theory this is possible for most components, the biggest issue with pulsing a laser at a higher power is the driver, which will probably regulate the power. If you can overcome issues with the driver, this should work, as long as the average power is kept below the rated continuous power.