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Powerful thermoelectric peltiers Answered

I have read about technical specification of a thermoelectric peltier TEC1-12726 . The U max =15v , I max =26.3 and Qc max =257.27w. I would like to know about the cooling power in wat(cooling generating). It seems that the power consumption is about 400w. I have heard that  thermoelectric peltiers have good and high efficiency. I need some more information about any other powerfull peltiers with high efficiency to build an air condition unit. I need to make sure the power is the cooling power and/or power consumption.
I would be so grateful to have  some good suggestions and ideas as well.




7 years ago

There is nothing efficient about Peltier. They don't get very cold and use way more energy to get cold then a conventional refrigeration system. To cool an entire house you would need to cover the largest wall in each room with them and have a good means of quickly removing the heat from the back side of the peltier so it doesn't affect the room temp. Even then you may not get a noticeable temperature change.

To put things into perspective. Your typical Peltier cooler is about 1.5" x 1.5" and uses about 50W @ 12VDC. So if you had to cover a small 8' x 10' wall thats about 11520 square inches. Divide that by the 2.25 square inch peltier and you would need 5120 peltiers. Each drawing 50W means you need a 256000W DC power supply. If you figure each peltier runs about $5 your spending $25600 to cool a single room. Not to mention the electric bill. Thats assuming a wall full of those things is enough to cool a room.


7 years ago

Peltier cells are VERY INEFFICIENT, compared to conventional refrigeration.