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Powering 12v LED strips from a 12v battery? Answered

My situation is this, theres this old farm building i want to do up and make into a chill out room, but the place is not connect the any type of power supply, or if it was im not gonna try and fix it. i just want to get some lights in the place to make it look good, nothing major just a strip of leds running along the floor lighting the walls. 

If i bought a simple 12v led strip  and a 12v battery box ( the ones that support AA) how long would that last for?
i need it to work for at least 3-5 hours. if this is impossible would a 12v solar panel be better ?
something like this 
i could just connect the croc clicks (or cut them down and solder) them straight onto the led strip ?

if both these are bad ideas im open for suggestions

also would i be able to have a controllable LED strip to be able to run off these two types of power ? 

(and just a random add on question, if i wanted to power some speakers without it connecting to the mains how would i?)

Thanks for any help or suggests and reading :) ! 



3 years ago

Cut ur any laptop battery charger as they would act as DC convertior and stabilizer..


Answer 6 years ago

12V strips work straight off a 12 V battery. Its really that simple ;-)

Sound ? Try and find some PC speakers with an external power supply. I know I have some that have a 12V power brick -replace with the battery !



Answer 6 years ago

car battery are a bit to expensive for the lights , dont mind on the speakers but what ive done for the lights is bougt a strip (5M 5050 RGB SMD LED) with a IR remote, and to power it i bought a 12v battery box, so i can just slot the batterys in and out and also which it off and on but it needs a 12v adapter for it, i have one but as i cant plug it into the mains i cant use it, but if i use the end the plugs into the device which powers it and cut it and split it then solders it onto my 12v battery case will it work ?

(will it last a decent amount of time)


Answer 4 years ago


12v 7.5 APH battery $10.49. I bought 4 @ $54.00 shipping included.

I use the same battery to run RGB strip (flash,blinking etc..) with no issues


Answer 6 years ago

that simple wow haha
as for the speakers when u say power brick, u mean that block thats attached to the cable that plugs in to the mains, so if i just cut the cable before the power brick and attach it to a car battery it would work ?


6 years ago

So the way to find you answer. First you need to know a few numbers. First what is the total amperage draw of all of your LED's combined. Next you need to know the milliamp-hour (mah) rating of your battery pack and do a little math by dividing your supply by your demand. Those are the real pieces of the puzzle missing from your question. For example using some made up numbers if your batteries combined give you 12v rated at 1500 mah (1.5 amp hour) and your LED's draw 1500 milliamps (1.5 amps) your battery pack will last one hour (1500mah/1500ma = 1hour). Using the same figures if your LED's draw 750 milliamps your battery pack will last 2 hours (1500mah/750ma = 2hours). Now to the question about the solar panel. The peak wattage of that panel is 1.5 watts . At 1.5 watts your 12v LED's can only draw .125 amps there is a calculator that can give you this information here http://www.supercircuits.com/resources/tools/volts-watts-amps-converter. Another suggestion would be a battery meant for RC vehicles. They come in various voltage/mah configurations. hobbypartz.com is a good source. Everything I have purchased for my RC projects has come from there. They are in the U.S. so sipping isn't too long, and customer service has never let me down.


Answer 6 years ago

Follow up answer. I missed the question about control. That would be a matter of how much control or what type of control you want. If you just need on and off just a simple toggle switch in line with the negative wire will do. If you want other types of control, flashing, fading, on when it gets dark, etc. there are many different fairly simple circuits to do those types of things. One of the basic function for beginners with and Arduino is controlling LED's.