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Powering 12v LEDs from 12v Deep Cycle Battery Answered

Hey all,

I'm trying to power some 3528 LED strands to hang from a shade structure I have outside. I picked up a 115 Ah 12v deep cycle marine battery, but I just wanted to make sure I could wire them directly to a distribution block without blowing anything up. The strands draw 6A of current so I was going to find the closest fuse to that value (10A?) to prevent any chance of overpowering the control boxes.

Does this seem correct? Image shows roughly what I'm trying to do (black boxes around red wire are fuses, 1-3 are the LED control modules)

Greatly appreciate any help!



6 years ago

Whoops looks like the image didn't upload.

lighting diagram.png

Reply 6 years ago

That looks OK to me. I'd do the same, a 10A fuse should be fine.


6 years ago

Unless these LEDS have a resistor in line with them you'll fry them
You need a resistor in the line to limit the current flow to the LEDs