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Powering LED Strip Lighting? Answered

If one wants to use LED strip lighting - as in under cabinet lighting, for instance - it seems that one would want the lighting wired into the mains for one's home. In the US, mains are 110-120VAC but LED strips typically want 12VDC power. This means a transformer or power driver must be installed between the mains and the LED circuit, correct? If so, how does one determine the correct amperage output required of the transformer/driver. I have LED strip lighting that is clearly marked as to solid or RGB light and whether the lights are for indoor or outdoor use and whether solid white light is 'warm or cold' and the strips clearly indicate that voltage must be 12VDC; BUT there is no indication of the current draw (amperage) for the LED strip lights nor is there any indication of wattage.

How does one go about determining the amperage needed from the transformer/driver?

Many modern devices use transformers to convert mains power (110-120VAC) to direct convert. The transformers are marked as to input and output. Can these be used to drive LED strip lighting? If so, how does one determine if the output voltage and amperage will drive the strip lighting properly? Finally, there are different numbers (5050, et al) from different manufacturers for LED strip lighting. Is there anywhere on the Internet that one can look up those numbers and learn the amperage draw per foot of LED strip?