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Powering LED strips with a power supply with a number of outputs? Answered


1. I have 5 meters of LED strip, but they are actually 5 pieces, 1m each that I want to connect in parallel. The 5m require 12V 48W, so each 1m is actually 48*1.2/5=11.5W Can I get a power supply with 5 outputs of 12W instead of 1 with 60W? Will it make it smaller physically? Is there such a thing at all? I'm looking to have the smallest power supply possible, due to design aesthetics of the light fixture I'm making.

2. If I do the above, how can I dim it? So far, for one output I have been using successfully a 1-10V dimmer, on the output side. But now I will have 5 of them... so what should I do?

3.How is a power supply different from a driver? My LED strip has resistors on it, so I know I need to get a constant vatage power supply, but do I also need a driver...? 

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5 years ago

A single 60W supply is a lot smaller than 5 x 12W supplies for a start, so stick with one supply. If your dimmer can handle the current, putting 5 pieces in parallel won't be a problem, because the total current is the same.


5 years ago

You need a power supply but if you want to dim it you'll need something that can produce a PWM signal.