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Powering a 12V DC Motor? Answered

I want to powering a dc motor using a charging jack and power button for my hobby project. I have connected all the wires without soldering but motor did not got power. Please analyze the picture and guide me. Moreso did soldering is essential for all this?



Best Answer 2 years ago

Soldering would help. Do you know how much power the motor requires? You don't want to give it too little (nothing will happen) or too much (you could short the motor winding and destroy it).

I'm going to assume you have not under or over-powered it yet. My guess is that you are connecting to the wrong terminals on the power jack. Are you sure the two you are using provide power when the jack is plugged in? Try connecting the motor directly to the terminal on the power jacks (I highly recommend jumper cables). See if you can get those to work. If not, the power supply is the problem.

Once you are sure that works, wire in the switch. If then it stops working, the switch is the problem.


10 months ago

The power housing you’r using has the ” + ” at the end, like you have done, OK.
Then there are 2 terminals for the ” – ”. When the Power plug is out, these 2 terminals are connected. When you put in the plug they ”disconnect” and only 1 is connected to ” –”. Shift ower that ” – ” lead. The function of the ”switch”: actually for the function it doesn’t matter which one of the power lines goes thru the ”switch”. BUT think, wouldn’t you ”allways” rather cut the ”HOT” side of the power?? In this case & all others the ” + ”, because if you have several other devices in your system, they all would have a ”common ground = 0V”


2 years ago

From the look of the pictures you have it wired incorrectly

You have the Negative lead connected to the switch this part is in correct

it should be connected to the power jack then connect the positive lead to the switch

and then from the switch to the power jack this would the correct configuration