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Powering a 16x2 LCD Screen? Answered

Hey all I am relatively new to the Arduino platform and learning as I go. I have a 16x2 LCD screen that I am trying to learn how to use. I hooked my positive lead to pin 2 and the Ground to pin1 and nothing lit up. I then hooked a potentiometer up to pin 3 to try and adjust the contrast still nothing lit up. Does this mean my LCD screen is broken? I haven't sent any code to it so I am not expecting it to "say" anything, but i thought when the power was on it would at least light up? Please let me know if i need todo anything else to make it light up or if I need to buy a new LCD. Thanks!



Best Answer 3 years ago

Postive WHAT ? 5V, 12 ? 24 ? Pot hooked up HOW ? One end to +5, one end to ground, middle to pin 3 ?

Put 5v on pin 1, ground on 2, connect pot as stated. You SHOULD get a black-ish bar on the top line.

It won't light up unless you connect the LED backlight on the pins at the other end, via a resistor, to 5V.

I don't know what display to recommend a resistor value: try 100Ohms, and see it it glows on 5V, measure the voltage across the resistor, adjust the resistor until you get 20mA (Current = measured volts/ resistor value)


Answer 3 years ago

@steveastrouk- Thank you very much for your answer!