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Powering a Salvaged Window Motor with 20v Battery (HELP!!!) Answered

So earlier this month, I replaced the window regulator in my Honda Accord so I can sell it later on. After looking at the old regulator to see what was broken, I saw the motor component was perfectly fine, so I salvaged it for a future project! I do have a few ideas for what to do with this, but my main conundrum is how to power it when I have no 12V batteries lying around.
I do have a Black & Decker Cordless Drill that uses 20v Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, and the shape of the battery is pretty compact. Its got 2 POS and NEG leads which you slide the contacts inbetween, and I can 3D print something to hold the battery in place for the project I intend to make with it. However, 20V is clearly overkill for this motor and that means I need to convert 20V to 12V. Does anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?


Josehf Murchison

19 days ago

Battery packs or holders they come in 1 battery 2 battery, 3 battery, 4 battery, and 8 battery packs.
8 battery, battery pack, for 1.5 volts battery.
8 battery and a 2 battery, battery packs. for 1.2 volts rechargable batteries.


20 days ago

Search on Youtube for Matthias Wandel's drill battery flashlight.
You can buy a step-down converter on eBay, as long as the motor doesn't draw too much current.

Jack A Lopez

25 days ago

You could use some kind of PWM (pulse width modulation) module, to sort of change the, nominally 20 volt, output from your battery, into a train of pulses, with time averaged voltage much lower than this.

By the way, PWM is the mechanism by which a cordless drill gives you varying amounts of drilling speed, in response to varying amounts of trigger displacement.

So even if you have never actually seen a bare PWM module, you have likely used one, if you have ever used any kind of "variable speed" electric power tool, specifically the kind powered by batteries.

Bare PWM modules are sold by the Chinese eBay mongers. Actually, other mongers might sell the same thing, but it seems like the Chinese have the best prices. Although the shipping times can be long, if you live anywhere in the world that is not near China.

As an alternative, if you have a broken cordless drill, or if you want to break the cordless drill you have, you could use its PWM module.

You know, you could just connect your windshield-wiper motor, in the place of the the cordless drill's motor.


26 days ago

Get a step down converter rated for 10 amps and you should be fine.
Some buck converters offer both ways, meaning they can output more or less than the supply voltage.