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Powering a Wi-Fi router from USB Answered

Hello guys!

Few days ago I bought a Huawei B260a 3G Wifi Router (http://www.mobilityminded.com/6685/huawei-b260-3g-gateway-review-routing-a-cellular-data-connection). The power supply has an output of 5V/2A and is connected to the router with a USB B plug.
In my car I have a Belkin USB charger with 2,1A output. So it would be nice if I could use the router in my car.
I tried to connect the Router to a USB wall charger (5,1V/2,1A) with a standard USB A to B cable, but this didn't work. Furthermore I tried to cut the cable and connect only the black and red wires, this also didn't work.
Somebody told me that the layout of the plug is different (as far as I've seen, at least the contacts match to the standard), can this be true? And is there a possibility to realize my idea of a hotspot in my car?

Thanks for your help!



4 years ago

Once I had to make something similar to properly charge my cellphone. After experimenting with various generic 5V power supplies I've discovered that my iPhone doesn't get enough current.

Then I found this article, which gave me some clearance on how USB devices get power from different sources:



6 years ago

You must be lucky to find a working power adapter. Some Apple chargers may work, but you can make almost every adaper a b260a adapter.
B260a needs about 650 mA current which is more than a standard USB port or charger can give. Huawei has made something speical with the adapter so it wont work with a standard charger and a standard cabel,
you can easily modify a standard cabel to be a 260a cable.
You need a standard cable and som basic soldering knowledge.

Carefully remove aproxh 3 cm of the plastic coating of the USB-cable on half of the the round coating. Try to find the 4 cabels inside the shield and pull out the signal cables (usaually green and white). Cut the signal cables and shortcurcuit then in the end that connects to the router. Solder the the signal cables you just shortcurcuit and isolate the soldering. Leave signal cables facing the adapter open. Isolate the whole cable and connect your modified cable to a suitable USB Charger.


Reply 4 years ago

Hi Silver66 - just wanted to drop a thank you, and give a heads up to my fellow googlers.

Your instructions worked flawlessly and my Huawei 3G router now gets powered and works, with any USB charger (1A+).

To sum it up:

1) Remove 3-4 cm outer insulation on the USB-cable

2) Pry the shield (both wiremesh and tinfoil if applicable) to expose the four wires inside. My cable had red/black (power) and white/green (data), just as Silver66 wrote.

3) Cut the white and green wires in the middle of the exposed area of the cable.

4) Remove 5 mm of insulation of the ends of the white and green wires on the router side, twist and solder them together. Insulate the soldered joint. Insulate the two other bare ends on the charger side.

5) Assemble the cable again, cover with insulating tape or heat shrink tubing.

6) Plug in Huawei 3G router to any USB power delivering enough juice (2A rating, mine works fine with 1A).

7) ...

8) Profit!

Again - thank you to Silver66 for delivering the insight to solving this problem!


8 years ago

Hi, I have the same router, I would like to sometime use it together with my notebook, so it is powered from USB, is there some driver (win XP or win 7) to enable only powering it from the laptop? Did you manage it to connect it?