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Predict the Future! ...of data sets Answered

I just made an excel spreadsheet, that predicts the future of data sets. My main reason was because I wanted to have a way to predict my Instructable views, but this could be used for a lot more. This is not completely accurate (as it uses the best fitting line of the data) so don't believe it completely.

To use it, just change the first two numbers (at least) to values you want to see grow. Any value you don't know. Mark with n



8 years ago

I think you should look into some primers on statistics to better your trending formulas. There are some major variables that I don't think you can quantify such as being featured, put in a newsletter or ebook, SEO or being picked up by blogs that dramatically affect viewcount.


Reply 8 years ago

I was considering expanding the program to two weeks. Then in the first week, find the highest amount and set that to be 100%. Find the percentages all of the other days, and adjust what is added on by multiplying by the percentage (0-1).

That way Saturday would usually get more views than Monday.

The one thing I am trying to avoid is using constants for adjusting the outcome. That way you can get a more accurate result by using the data already given.