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Premium features and not enough choices for paying Answered

Why not also offer one-time payments for downloads? I would've spent the money for one; maybe others would too. And then you'd make more money, I'd have my download, and happiness would abound.


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4 years ago

AFAIK Instructables is all about making things.
That is why people get rewarded for good Instructables or winning a contest.
I guess it is supposed to work like this:
People find something they want to make themself.
Once happy with the outcome they are "hooked" and try more.
Then they publish their own Instructable and if lucky get a fre pro account in return.

For a single project it is not too hard to copy the contents of the Ible and to print it out if you need paper.
I have a pro account now for quite some time and only downloaded one PDF if I count correctly....


Reply 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I don't necessarily print whatever it is that I'm downloading; I save it to an online drive and doc cloud for easy access from whatever device I'm using. If the need arises I can go ahead and print a copy. But it's really just about the accessibility. I can appreciate what you're saying, though, so I'll just continue to enjoy the website--I'm hooked! ?