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I have at least 11 premium membership upgrades Iv'e acquired over the years and they never work.  I am logged in, click "redeem, then it asks me to log in again, then I am taken to the homepage.  


I tried on Chrome, Canary and FF.  (highSierra)

A while back I gave a few memberships to friends and they had similar experiences.  

Ultimately it's no huge deal for me, my experience doesn't change, but its a bummer when I am trying to loop people into this community and the onboarding reward fails ya know?  I see quite a few posts here with similar experiences too.

Thanks in advance.



1 year ago

Sorry to hear you've been having troubles redeeming your premium membership. You and your friends can redeem the Premium Membership by logging in first and visiting:

Ignoring the boxes on the right, enter your code in the box on the left and click "Submit!"
Hope that helps!
Troy (tomatoskins)
Community Manager

Reply 1 year ago

Hiya Troy, 
I've seen your cut and paste response quite a few times. I think the main issue here is more usability related, sicne it never sunk in until just now for me.

When I go to the /member/username/memberships/ page and you have a membership invite available it has a big ole orange button that says "redeem". For me, logically it would seem that all I needed to do was click the redeem button, that is what was tripping me up.

In reality, you need to copy the redemption code first and then plop it into the box on the page after you click the "redeem" button.

That is a subtle detail but important. 

Weird how the devs didn't just code in the redemption code to be auto-inserted and redeemed, but that's here nor there I suppose.

Thanks for the assist.  It helped me find the issue.


Reply 1 year ago

Thank you for the feedback! I will pass it along for future improvements.