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Pressure Washer Hotsy No Worky Answered

Hotsy Shark
No manual.
No model number visible.

Water from the hose goes thru it, but turning it  on adds no additional pressure to the wand.
One can hear it rev, and see the pressure guage rise very briefly about 1ce a second.
Any idea how to make it work?


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5 years ago

Take it apart and check the internals.
Being a noname product you will find cheap components.
Major failure points:
Pump seal, overpressure-bypass-valve (loves to be stuck open).

Is the motor just spinning when you start the thing or actually making the usual loud noise of pumping water.
If it is very quite it could mean it uses a rotary vane system and has stuck or worn out vanes.

Really not much use to troubleshoot without taking the thing apart first.


Reply 5 years ago

+1 on the cheap components.

I had a manual lawnmower that stopped spinning its blade after only a few months. After digging into the push-fit innards, I found that that the clutch plate was made of injection-moulded thermoplastic, which engaged with a small steel pin - of course, the plate was worn away, and an irreplaceable part (which was pretty much a moot point, have had to destroy a lot of other push-fit parts to find the problem...)